Prayers for Stroke Victims

The Patron Saint for Stroke Victims is St. Andrew Avellino. Stroke remains  as an event that is different for every person. Please pray for all  people recovering from a Stroke.Below are reprints to prayers that can assist in recovery.

Saint Andrew Avellino, who lived from 1521 to 1608, was a native of Sicily, lawyer and Theatine priest who became known as a monastery reformer as well as a great preacher and spiritual director. Canonized in 1712, Saint Andrew Avellino is the patron saint of Sicily and stroke victims, according to SQPN’s Saint Index His memorial is November 10.


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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Prayers for stroke victims

There might have been people in our lives who have succumbed to a stroke in the past.  We don’t need to feel helpless anymore because there is something we can do to alleviate their suffering.  Prayers!

For our friends and family who could use our spiritual assistance, below is a prayer I found in
Prayer for Strength After a Stroke
Have mercy, O loving God,
upon all who have suffered a stroke.
Remove the sudden fear that befalls them.
Endow them with courage in the struggle
to recover what has been lost.
Grant them strength and hope
to envision new days ahead
and a spirit of faith
to take the risk of living fully
once again.  Amen.
Prayer to St. Andrew Avellino – Patron for Stroke Victims (
St. Andrew we ask your intercession upon (name),
please pray that he/she heals quickly…his/her movements,
speech and that the doctors give him/her
the best medical care he/she can receive.
Thank you St. Andrew Avellino for hearing our prayers. We ask your blessing and intercession for all who have suffered a stroke.
As Always … Best Blessings- L

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